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Major PPC Web Spy update!

Posted by Brad Callen

Update: Before posting a comment with a question, please read the FAQ, as we’ve answered many of the questions that have been asked here, already. You can read the FAQ by clicking the link below:

Hey gang, we’ve made some major changes and improvements to PPC Web Spy, based on recommendations from you all.

Here are the things we’ve been working on over the past week, amongst the craziness.

To update your copy, simply click the “view keywords” button you would normally click to view keywords. Up will pop a screen telling you to update. Follow the onscreen instructions to update your version.

1. Completely changes the look of to a much more upbeat, happy, and uplifting design. I feel this better represents the software than the dark, gloomy looking site from before.

2. Changed the entire focus of the site so that the small viral/affiliate link feature is barely mentioned… and is mentioned as only a side benefit, which is what it should be. The focus is now on what the tool actually does and the purpose of why I created the tool to begin with: To unccover your Adwords competition’s keywords.

3. Changed the GUI of the product itself to match the new site design.

4. Changed the “view keywords” button to not look so bright and “in your face”. It blends much better with Google now.

5. Added an option where free users may turn off the 2 affiliate links that appear at the top of Google. Some were complaining about the links bothering them, so naturally… they wouldn’t click them to begin with. So, we added an option that allows you to turn them off and not be bothered by them.

6. Added a FAQ page with the most frequently asked questions to help with some of the confusion:

7. Added 60,000 more keywords to our already enormous, 2 billion keyword database. The more keywords that are added, the better results you’ll get. We’ll be adding 60,000 more keywords every few weeks and the resuls will only get better and better.

8. We added the “view keywords” button the “more sponsored ads” pages on Google, like this:

… and we’re currently working on many more features and functionality to come.

Please post your comments below. I’d love to hear what you think about the new additions.

If you have any support questions, please submit a ticket so that our support team can quickly assist you. You may do so here:



P.S. I’m updating this post real quick to answer a few of the questions left in the comments below:

1. You can re-download PPC Web Spy anytime here:

2. To view number of referrals you have, go here and login:

3. To turn off the 2 affiliate links, follow these steps:

– Click the tools menu option in Firefox.

– Click the add-ons menu option

– Click the PPC Web Spy row and click the option button

– Uncheck the “show affiliate links” checkbox

4. PPC Web Spy currently works for and It ‘might’ work for other locations in the future, but it will be quite awhile, as that is a major major feature addition that involves doubling the size of our expenses and involves an extensive amount of resources.


  1. kojix says:

    hi, brad can you teach me more about ppc web spy, i still not understns bout this

  2. maisaiah says:

    Hi brad ,

    This is a great tool :)

    You can make it more great if you do this updates:

    1. Free members cannot turn off the tool
    2. The tool should be auto ON when a firefox browser is opened instead of clicking it and refreshing when searched, becuase we may loose commissions in Clickbank and amazon , as the people who do so very much know not to click on the top 2 links which are our affiliate links for those sites.
    3. Other browsers like IE and opera addons is recommended , hope you will come with them as well.


  3. moha says:

    can you write me in french please

  4. Bran I purchased your product before I even understood how to use it. Why?
    Because after reading your commits I felt you had something. I am a real newbie when it comes to knowledge about Internet things.

    Over the past few years I have been looking to find something I could build a business with. There are hundred of thousands of Get Rich Quick scams out there and I have fell for some of them. But I never gave up because I believe the Internet is our future.

    I am a 60 year old with esophageal cancer. I also has short term memory do to 2 brain aneurysms 2 years ago. Last year I was diagnosed with Parkinson decease. The VA is paying me $984.00 monthly. Now you would think I should just lay back and watch the world go by.

    I want more then this. I have so many plans that involve helping others. The Internet can provide the means to do this. I am not concerned with wealth for myself, but what that wealth can do to help others. My two website does just that.

    I read every commit you posted and if I can learn how to use your product I will be one step closer to having my dream come true. To tell you the truth I really do not understand how to use your product. I did pay for the premium plan.

    Do you have an instruction booklet? This would be so helpful for those that are like me. Your program is to valueable to just piece meal it.

    Last, how would your system benefit my 2 Internet products and
    Thank you and much success,

    Laird carlson

  5. Bohdan Vovk says:

    Hi Brad,

    I have tried PPC Web Spy a little more. Unbelievable software!
    Thank you for having done this.

    Happy Valentine’s day.

    Bohdan Vovk

  6. Stuart says:

    I use quite a number of add-ons and most have subtle, smallish icons for activating. The PPC WEB SPY icon on the other hand is massive. Is it possible to get a smaller one?

    I was evening thinking of opening up the .jar and replacing the icon and zipping it back up but then I’d have to do that for each and every update. Would love to see this small change.

  7. Thanks Brad for what you do, it is a real eye opener and some where along the way how much will the real deal is? I am getting rdy to purchase your SeoElite.

    I don’t want to say keep it coming.. (freebies) I just believe in the the reciprocapcy and I want to thank you for that!!

  8. Darlene says:

    PPC Web Spy seems to work great in Windows. How can I make it work on my MacBook?

  9. Mitchell says:

    Hi Brad,

    I have registered and will be promoting the PPC web spy.

    Thanks for the updates.


  10. Patrick says:

    Feature request: When you click on any amazon, clickbank or paydot com link whether that link is an affiliate or the original merchant it would be a good idea if PPC Web Spy would cookie the users PC. With this feature you would not just rely on the first two links but would get paid for any link even if its not an affiliate link. So any body else’s affiliate cookie would be overwritten with your affiliate ID every time a user uses the tool bar.


  11. Brad Callen says:

    Hi, good suggestion, but unfortunately doing that is pushing the ‘ethical side of things’. Dropping a cookie on someone’s pc that didn’t actually click an affiliate link isn’t something that I’m willing to do. Good idea, but I’m not the right person to implement it :-)

  12. tarcisious says:

    thi is amazing with a lot of hype i just can’t believe it man,trust me you’re the internet god’s gift

  13. Gretababe says:

    The thing I like the most about you, aside from your ability to create well thought
    out software programs, is your business ethics (saw reply above) and also the
    fact that your are in communication with your customers on a regular basis.

    There are a lot of high-earning internet marketers who create and distribute a
    lot of products and then turn the customer service over to people who don’t have
    a clue about what “real” customer service is. I hope your business never reaches
    that point…I’d be surprised if it does!

  14. Sam Online says:

    Hi Brad, I just downloaded the webspy software, I think this is a very helpful tool for any PPC marketers, but I just want to add one thing, which is how to globally use this tool?
    for example, I live outside USA but I want to market my affiliate products in USA, right now when I want to check on the competitors for the products, I’m usually using and set the google domain to [dot] com and country to United States, because when I’m using directly I can not get a full competitors listing (adwords listing) even though I set the advance setting to return results from USA, because most of the products are promoted in US region so I need to see results within US regions.

    So here’s the problem, the webspy can’t be used for marketers outside USA, the even though has been configured to return results from US, it’s still not returning results from US (for adwords listing), fyi the results for natural search are from US regions.

    I try to use webspy on but the add on didn’t work there.

    Anyway, that’s my take on this.


  15. Jim says:


    Very nice tool. I’ve spent the last several hours looking over GCD which is to be released shortly. It has some nice cumulative data it provides such as:
    – showing all ads the competitor has been running for a specific keyword
    – the number of days each ad has been run in the last xx amount of days
    – a probability index
    – ability to cherry pick & copy competitors ads into the Google Adwords Editor
    or clone a campaign
    -and many other features…

    Have you had a chance to review the GCD product?

    Being new to the PPC world I’m attempting reconcile in my mind a couple items:
    1) the major differences between the products (functionality & overhead)
    2) the major differences between the accuracy and level of detail provided

    GCD appears to provide more information regarding the probable profitability of
    a campaign or specific keyword (mainly because it provides ad duration

    It also appears to incorporate software which speeds up the process of cloning
    the competitors information up into your Google Adwords campaign. Obviously, the ads still have to be tweaked, budgets setup, etc.

    I totally understand if this post doesn’t make public viewing, but I would like your
    input on:

    What you see as the major differences.
    If you plan to have some of the GCD features in PPC Spy.
    What your thoughts are on GCD.

    Again, being new to PPC I could be thinking I’m seeing apples in GCD when really they’re oranges… same thing with PPC Spy.

    Also, just so you know I’m not just tire-kicking … I’m already using Keyword Elite & SEO Elite products. So obviously, I value your input.

  16. Cheryl Busse says:

    Hi, Brad

    I’ve been using PPC web spy (just the standard version) to help build my keyword
    list. My problem is that, after sending words to the clipboard, I can’t figure out
    how to access the clipboard to copy them and insert them into my list on Excel.
    There’s mention of a PPC web spy toolbar, but I don’t see anything like that
    anywhere, either. Can you help me?


  17. Brad Callen says:

    Hi, the clipboard is an imaginary space on your computer. Once you copy to clipboard, right-click your mouse and select “paste” to paste the text wherever you want.

  18. Bob Gatchel says:

    Once again, you have totally outdone yourself. I have been a LONG TIME customer of many of your other products, but I have to tell you that PPC Web Spy is probably one of my biggest favorites! I’m now able to really cut down my keyword research and getting better results from my adwords promotions. I can do in MINUTES what used to take me an HOUR to get done in the past. THANKS THANKS THANKS !!!

  19. Brad Callen says:

    Hey Jim, great points. I haven’t taken a look at GCD. I know that Chris is a very nice guy and really knows his stuff when it comes to Adwords. PPC Web Spy is more of a quick and easy tool for grabbing a site’s keywords, where as GCD is more heavy duty for those that want to pay monthly and take things to the next level.


  20. Sam White says:

    Nice software brad, thanks a zillion

  21. Pete says:

    Hi Brad

    Is there a chance to get ppc webspy working for Germany and Switzerland?

    It looks very interesting but is worthless for us poor gemanspeeking webworkers.


  22. Val Archer says:

    Hi Brad – I like your ethics (you support charities not massive yachts). I’m busy re-writing this page – – to add your products, then will notify my list of 14,000. My problem is I downloaded ppcwebspy from here – – then tried to test it by googling a word. It asks for my email, I enter it, and get reply “Unauthorized access (Email is incorrect, or your account has been disabled)” so I went into your support at but can’t register a ticket because there’s only a checkbox for ppcwebspy platinum and I don’t know how or where to get platinum. How can I test the version I have?

    thanks – Val

  23. Brad Callen says:

    Hey Val, go ahead and submit to the PPC Web Spy platinum dept. and they’ll get you all set up. It sounds like you probably just registered with a typo by accident.

  24. john says:

    Looks good. Must say I preferred the old green “View Keywords” but I can live with this one.

  25. Harrys Pick says:

    Very Interesting look forward to trying this.

  26. Srinath says:

    Hi brad,

    I have been using the ppcwebspy tool. Thanks for this great tool.


  27. I like this tool. It is very good and useful. You make great products, keep coming out with more good stuff! Thanks!

  28. firstcheap says:

    I have been using the ppcwebspy tool. Trial

    Thanks for this great tool.

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  31. Seo says:

    good suggestion,very very informative topic PPC Web Spy is a simple to use PPC
    and Keyword tool but mainly for PPC use,PPC Web Spy is top-pick of Free Keyword
    Software .i want do try this…

    Best Regards…

  32. abercrombie says:

    Great Article .This is a nice topic.i think it is really a nice sharing.

  33. Hey Brad, just wanted to say that you post really great content and I very much
    appreciate all you do.

  34. We could use more information about PPC web spy.

  35. Brad,

    I read all topics.your presentation is very nice………… Thanks Brad Thanks

  36. cioara says:

    Once again, you have totally outdone yourself. I have been a LONG TIME customer of many of your other products, but I have to tell you that PPC Web Spy is probably one of my biggest favorites! I’m now able to really cut down my keyword research and getting better results from my adwords promotions. I can do in MINUTES what used to take me an HOUR to get done in the past. THANKS THANKS THANKS !!!

    Cioara from

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