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Major PPC Web Spy update!

Posted by Brad Callen

Update: Before posting a comment with a question, please read the FAQ, as we’ve answered many of the questions that have been asked here, already. You can read the FAQ by clicking the link below:

Hey gang, we’ve made some major changes and improvements to PPC Web Spy, based on recommendations from you all.

Here are the things we’ve been working on over the past week, amongst the craziness.

To update your copy, simply click the “view keywords” button you would normally click to view keywords. Up will pop a screen telling you to update. Follow the onscreen instructions to update your version.

1. Completely changes the look of to a much more upbeat, happy, and uplifting design. I feel this better represents the software than the dark, gloomy looking site from before.

2. Changed the entire focus of the site so that the small viral/affiliate link feature is barely mentioned… and is mentioned as only a side benefit, which is what it should be. The focus is now on what the tool actually does and the purpose of why I created the tool to begin with: To unccover your Adwords competition’s keywords.

3. Changed the GUI of the product itself to match the new site design.

4. Changed the “view keywords” button to not look so bright and “in your face”. It blends much better with Google now.

5. Added an option where free users may turn off the 2 affiliate links that appear at the top of Google. Some were complaining about the links bothering them, so naturally… they wouldn’t click them to begin with. So, we added an option that allows you to turn them off and not be bothered by them.

6. Added a FAQ page with the most frequently asked questions to help with some of the confusion:

7. Added 60,000 more keywords to our already enormous, 2 billion keyword database. The more keywords that are added, the better results you’ll get. We’ll be adding 60,000 more keywords every few weeks and the resuls will only get better and better.

8. We added the “view keywords” button the “more sponsored ads” pages on Google, like this:

… and we’re currently working on many more features and functionality to come.

Please post your comments below. I’d love to hear what you think about the new additions.

If you have any support questions, please submit a ticket so that our support team can quickly assist you. You may do so here:



P.S. I’m updating this post real quick to answer a few of the questions left in the comments below:

1. You can re-download PPC Web Spy anytime here:

2. To view number of referrals you have, go here and login:

3. To turn off the 2 affiliate links, follow these steps:

– Click the tools menu option in Firefox.

– Click the add-ons menu option

– Click the PPC Web Spy row and click the option button

– Uncheck the “show affiliate links” checkbox

4. PPC Web Spy currently works for and It ‘might’ work for other locations in the future, but it will be quite awhile, as that is a major major feature addition that involves doubling the size of our expenses and involves an extensive amount of resources.


  1. Brad Callen says:

    Hi. No, the purpose of upgrading is to be able to analyze 100 keywords, rather than 10. Which is what the focus of the software should have been from day 1. Also, to that note, the people that would turn off the affiliate links are people that are annoyed by the links and wouldn’t click on your affiliate link to begin with.

  2. Brad Callen says:

    Hey Joe, the upgrade is automatic. The platinum version installation file is the exact same file as the standard version.

  3. Brad Callen says:

    Please see my previous response to another user concerning this. Thanks.

  4. Brad Callen says:

    Hi, no the price has not changed. The $97 price was a special 1 time offer. $147 is the regular price of the software if you passed up the initial special offer.

  5. Brad Callen says:

    Hi Stuart, I’m not sure what keywords would be shown for the organic results, as those sites don’t bid on keywords…

  6. Michael says:

    Hi Brad, please also add german words to the Databse. This includes Queries in as well as Some Users from also do use german language (the do use german, french, italian). Thanks, Michael

  7. Those changes are nice, but I would also like to see a change, where PPC WebSpy would work on Internet Explorer.

  8. Sergio says:

    Hi Brad:

    Thanks a lot for constantly improving your work. Keep the excellent work going!

  9. Giovanni says:

    Hi your program.. however i wish you had a simple user manual..

    I am a newbie and need clearer understanding.. Your forum goes all over the place..


  10. Lane says:

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the software it’s a big help! But, since you asked for suggestions I have three. Maybe they are requests.

    1. I can only get 100 keywords from my competitors sites. I’d sure love to get them ALL!

    2. The 100 keywords that do show sometimes have nothing to do with the one searched on. I there a way to get more PERTINENT keywords to my search?

    3. Many of the words seem to show all the same data. For example I looked on view keywords for three sites. They all showed the maximum Avg. CPC, the Max CPC and the Clicks? Day to be the exact same to the decimal point.

    It seems PPC Spy is showing what Google says the pricing is not really what people are bidding and paying etc…

    AM I doing something wrong?

    I’m not unappreciative. The tool is good and has helped me find some good profitable keywords.



  11. Jake says:

    How do I open the program. My system says, it cannot open an xpi file. How do I install this then? Please help.


  12. ken says:

    What a brilliant tool, anyone who doesn’t upgrade has to be mad.
    Has certainly helped me with my campaigns.

    Well done Brad,


  13. Hey Brad …Re: PPC Web Spy It’s going to work out.
    I ‘m very patient and you are doing a great job keeping us on top of things..
    I’m a slow learner so you have plenty of time. lol
    Thanks for PPC Web Spy updates.

  14. Florian says:

    Will there be any update for DE or UK users? It’s a great tool, but at the moment only useful if you are targetting the US market.

  15. פיצה says:

    Hi bard can you add more language like Hebrew to ppc web spy i have the identical
    problem using seo eilte it doesn’t support Hebrew can u do something about it Thanks

  16. Brad:

    When I try to update PPC Web Spy with the current version of Mozilla (which also goto updated today), the following error occurs:

    Firefox could not install the file at

    because: Unexpected installation error
    Review the Error Console log for more details.

    Any ideas or suggestions?



  17. Marc Ready says:

    Hi Brad,

    The keywords you actually search for to get the serp does not show
    up in the list of keywords that the advertisers are bidding on.

    Would like to see that added to the View Keywords popup
    so you can see the MAX CPC etc… for the KW you just searched on.



  18. Hey Brad, there’s something I don’t understand. when I click on one of the keywords displayed for a particular competitor I sometimes see a whole AdWords ad (all 4 lines – Actually the URL is the full URL, not just the Display URL). Other times, I’ll see everything but the URL or occasionally just the URL. Why is that?


  19. Greg says:

    Hello, I am unable to update my ppc spy. When I click on the keywords button – nothing happens – no update button and no keywords. What am I supposed to do now, in order to update?


  20. Larry says:

    Brad I have advertised on Google Adwords and got no conversions eventhough I thousnds of searches and number of clicks. Any suggestions?

  21. Paul Wilson says:

    Hello Brad,

    I like this site because I can use it to help me select a great domain name. I use it for keyword research more than PPC. I would like for you to go beyond Google, although they reign supreme and add spy on PPC keywords in Yahoo as well as MSN.

  22. Michael Silk says:

    Hi All,

    Please see the Killer Keyword Research Video Presentation: 90 Minutes!
    on Brads site, its amazing!

    If you miss this then you need to get serious & see it.

  23. Mara says:

    Hi Brad,
    thank you for the big update first.
    But let me team up with Michael who proposes to add German words to the Database.

    To give you a first impression which you can add to from quite a few data and
    informations on Wikipedia on the European Community and related stats (from Dec.2008 and Jan.2009 respectively)

    You may observe the fact that the number of people using German as a language are not only found in the German speaking countries in Central Europe -like Germany, Austria, Part of Switzerland, and various smaller districts.
    They have become a quickly growing community for your and Google’s offers as there are more folks east of German boundaries where German is understood and used widely – not only since the European Community grew from 16 to 27 nationalities/states incorporated- the whole population of the European Community getting near to half a billion inhabitants.

    Apart from English and French German is one of the three ‘official internal administrative languages’ of the Union spoken by about 55 million+ among the European countries outside the ‘boundaries’ and to be added to the somewhat 85 million+ of Germans alone in Germany.

    In my opinion this is a number not to be neglected – and regarding the actual economic situation you -or should I better say Google?- would probably ‘make up a big bunch’ of new educated and interested readers, users, customers with incomes that enable them to participate in developments of modern technologies.

    But as you know ‘open’ participation is an important step in any development.
    As long as such a big community of possible prospects is neither addressed nor invited
    to participate (-in their own or in a familiar language-) there won’t happen any massive improvements in numbers.

    (Some of the successful franchises now in full blossom in Europe took that step some time in the last decades and sell their coffee to go, their soft drinks, lipsticks, fashion, whiskeys and machines in growing numbers to name just one branch of industries).

    I’d highly appreciate to learn more about any steps in that direction or other opinions among your clients on that ‘burning topic’.

    and thx for reading.

  24. Brad,

    When an advertiser uses more than 100 keywords in their ad campaign, what is the criteria you use to select the 100 that appear in the keyword list that PPC Web Spy displays?


    :-) :-) :-)

  25. Doug Farwig says:

    Why didn’t you set this up to work with Internet Explorer?
    I have tried Firefox and really didn’t like it and all of my files and things didn’t
    come over when I made the change over.
    I guess, I could always download Firefox, do my business and then delete it again
    but that seems like a lot of trouble to go through.
    Isn’t there a better way.
    Get back to me on this will you?
    Doug Farwig

  26. I guess your plugin accesses html web on google and might be able to do so elsewhere?, so an enhancement that might be nice would be to give it a list of web site addresses, and it goes out and grabs the html of those sites, one by one, and saves the html files to disk in its own folder.
    The purpose would be a web site template grabber, and with a bit of editing one could customize the template into their own web site. Might add some easy parsing of the html code, that might give some additional power to it, like change the colors to any color scheme you choose from a menu of quite a few.

    Might have easy link changing too, and some drop in options, and money making options to add onto the web page being made.

    such a tool would make it easy to go find a web site that looks sort of like what you would want, and it just grabs it as a template and you do mods on the html to make it yours. Have a buildt in ftp so the templates can easily be moved to your own web site.

    Also a html grabber would be good for grabbing data on a web page, so it could be moved to open office calc. Open office calc does have the ability to set some spread sheet cells to link to external web site data, but currently, it only works now and then, and most of the time does not work, so you could market your program easily to the open office users that want to get things like craigs list ads, or stock data, etc, and move it directly into open office calc to process, and or filter.

    I would like to see you make a plug in that is written in a language like basic, and you provide the soucre code, so we can customize it to grab html, and do what we want with the html, (in other words, we can insert our own code into your source code for writting a mozillia plug in, and then we can compile it, and it be loaded as a plug in.

    It would give us the ability to do some of our own programming without having to know much about writting a plug in for mozillia.

    And it would be nice if it could get at email too, and allow us to do what we want. Such a plugin could be a very valuable tool to processs email and filter out leads, etc, or automate the process of responding to some emails.


  27. Hey Brad,

    I think PPC Web Spy is pretty darn slick!

    I wish I could have the option to look at the different match types (exact, broad, phrase) in the interface somehow.

    What match type PPC Web Spy defaulting to? Does it depend on how I search in Google?

    Great job it really is a great tool!


  28. I downloaded the update. It will not open. It said that it was damaged. Can you
    email that to me again. I can not get it to work at all. Thank you.

  29. Brad Callen says:

    Hi, this is because the results are not immediate. As stated in our FAQ, it takes 30-45 days to gather the results.

  30. Brad Callen says:

    Hey Greg, go directly to the download page and download and install:

  31. Brad Callen says:

    Please follow the installation instructions on the download page. You’re trying to open it in Internet Explorer:

  32. Uncle Harry says:

    Thanks for your quick response?

  33. Juan Burton says:

    Dude! Add me to your mailing list.

  34. Mark DeMent says:

    Hey Brad,

    As you may know, I came on board as an upgraded member just over a week ago. Since then I’ve been working my rear end off, submitted to tens of thousands of directories and classified ads and have been working it hard on the exchanges.

    I think this is a huge opportunity for the commissions that are possible. However, I think the ongoing income possibilites of being number 1 or 2 in each search result is huge. It is probably the main reason I decided to work hard on this program.

    Frankly, when you said that you were giving the free members the ability to turn the
    number 1 and 2 off it just floored me. Sure people who are free have complained and they may not click on them….but….how about other members of their family. Maybe they would. Or, what about a business who installed it on their business computer(s)
    and their employees had access to it. What about them?

    And, how many free members ever upgrade anyway?

    I think there are a lot of marketers who are drawn to this viral concept and they may not come on board if it wasn’t.

    So I urge you sir to retract that aspect and keep your present and future marketers
    energized but taking back the free members option to toggle off my money train.

    You have my respect sir. Please reconsider.


    Mark DeMent


  35. padimin says:

    Hey Brad,

    I still confuse about that.
    Please explain me.

  36. Matt Stewart says:

    Hi Brad,

    This is an excellent software, I have had no problems with it,
    I am using the free version right now and this product
    does deliver and has helped.

    As far as beig able to turn off the affiliate links because
    it was bothering a few people, well they would probably
    complain if they got hung with a new rope to.

    Thanks for a great product.

  37. Linda M says:

    Hey Brad,

    Thanks for creating PPC Web Spy. Not only is it a very powerful-innovative tool,
    but it is so very easy to use.

    Also very much appreciate the attention to detail, and all of your hard work to
    give us the best possible tool to help us succeed in our marketing efforts.

  38. Joe Pelligra says:

    my posts were deleted because I second guessed the data that your tool is giving out Brad? I was just asking questions to understand why your tool is giving me the wrong information. Are you going to let people show you faults the software has? mostly something as important as wrong data.


  39. Nilse says:

    Hi, Brad,
    In My PC I use de Internet Explorer.
    I was change this for Mozzila FireFox, but My sistem dont acept this.
    Then I dontinstalled this program yet.
    I want to use this fast.
    Please give-me a tip abou this.


  40. okefinancial says:

    Tahnk for your info. Keep the excellent work going

  41. Brad Callen says:

    Hey JP, could you please submit a support ticket and include a specific example so that we can look into this and correct any problems that may exist?

    Thank you

  42. greta10 says:

    Thanks for the super tool! You are one of a few net marketers who actually who
    actually try to give your customers what they want on an ongoing basis and for
    that you ROCK! Get up the great work.

  43. Arie Seyn says:

    I have upgraded to platinum (paid for it) but when i do a search and click on
    ppc then my layout is totally different from the one you advertised. While
    downloading (dont know if it finished) i lost my internet connection and was unable to retreive the installation page
    Please help

  44. adla says:

    The changes you are making and the additions to PPC Web may add
    something to our Experience & help us more & more to avoid a lot of
    problems & confusion when we are dealing with those things, so is it
    that applied to all users in the whole world? & What about the language?
    Especially Arabic, could you please support us in an easy way and give
    us details & example so that we can avoid an error. Keep us update.
    thanks you so much for such big improvement

  45. Bohdan says:

    Dear Brad,

    The following is my remarks on the program:
    1. Very nice, it must be in a great demand.
    2. I think the program will have no competition.
    3. I downloaded it 2 weeks ago, but I run it first only yesterday not having read any help.
    3a. Any program’s design must be simple, visible, consistent, and understandable.
    3b. I installed and spent 10 minutes to find where the add-on is within my FireFox window.
    3c. No visible logo at the right-hand corner because the color was gray.
    3d. Now it is OK because the color is nice blue and it is visible and pleasant to look at.
    4. Consistency: The big logo (globe) at the left must be consistent with the small one at the right-hand’s.
    4a. Maybe it will be better to remove the right line around the globe because the following.
    4b. In this case, it will be easier to have consistency in the combination “big logo-small logo.”
    5. I think it is possible to improve the logo picture.
    5a. I want to share my team’s experience in finding the best logo, icon,etc.
    5b. We draw the first one. Then we try to draw the second better. Compare..
    5c. The better is alive, the previous is trough away. Then attempt to draw a third better,etc.
    5d. Usually, it takes 20-30 attempt to find the best logo, icon, or picture..
    5. After clicking Copy to clipboard, I found only keyword list.
    5a. I think the user will be more impressed, if he or she found the full neat tabbed list with other colums.
    5b. I mean keywords column, position column, Avg CPC column, etc.
    6. It is advisable not to meet all the beta-testers’ requests. We have the budget and our opinion…
    7. I found one more small detail, but I am not sure about it and need some time to pick up my books.


    Bohdan Vovk

  46. Tim Clarke says:

    Hi Brad,

    PPC web spy is a great products. This is a great tool, I had no problem
    downloading and using the software. Keep the updates coming.

    My system runs both the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

    Thank You
    Tim Clarke

  47. Mark says:

    HI there Brad,
    your blog site is great,
    I have a blog with wordpress, but still stuck how to personalize it like you did.
    do you have some advices or suggestions? how to photo and more,
    how to nav bar?
    thanks and here from you.

    Mark Grah

  48. Hello Brad.
    Happy valantineday.
    Thank you.

  49. Vastu says:

    Dear Brad
    Greetings from , now I got a good rank while for the best and important key words, your guidance is really good and enhancing our skills.
    Thanks Mr.Brad for helping all the helpless in the market. A great Job will definitely gets blessings from all like us. Satisfaction is more important, that you are serving us without request, a wonderful work in this way. Keep it up Sir.

    Warm Regards

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