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How I built a 55,000 person email list in 2 weeks via Twitter & how you can use the same concept to build YOUR list

Posted by Brad Callen

Hey guys, I sent out an email about this a couple weeks ago and have gotten some good feedback from it, so wanted to post here to quickly go over the process of what I accidentally did to build a very large email list in a short period of time.

1. I created, which is a cool Firefox addon for keyword research. The overall process/flow of the software itself is very viral. (i.e. there is a big incentive for others to tell others about it, other than just because it’s good (which should always be a given if you create and sell anything)

2. I created a short demo video of me explaining how the software worked and what it does.

3. I posted a link to the video on my Twitter page ( The video was nothing special. It was just me explaining the software and talking about how excited I was about releasing it to the public. It was 100% complete, but I was bored while my programmers were putting the finishing touches on it, so I had time to make a video showing how it worked. I made sure to mention that it wasn’t quite ready/complete, but would be soon.


– At this point, I’ve never mentioned the URL (web address) to where my Twitter followers could get the software… Basically because it wasn’t quite finished yet. I did, however, mention the name of the software.

– I only had about 2,000 followers at the time

4. Within the first day I noticed I was getting some traffic to the website. I checked my Google analytics to see where the traffic was coming from. It was coming from Google only. People were going to Google and typing in the name of the software… Likely because they wanted to buy it, even though they knew it probably wasn’t ready.

5. I noticed some sales start to come in. Luckily I did have the entire buying/sales process finished, and the software was working and ready enough to be sold. There were some minor tweaks left to do on the software, but nothing that would hinder its performance.

6. Each day, I noticed more and more traffic to the site. I started noticing traffic coming from other places. People were now posting the direct link to PPC Web Spy on their blogs, in their Twitter posts etc.

7. People were starting to reTweet my initial video Tweet.

8. This lead to more traffic, more optins, and more sales.

9. People then started promoting PPC Web Spy to their email lists… and I never told a sole about the product!

10. This obviously led to more traffic, optins, and sales

11. After 2 weeks was up, I had built an email list of over 55,000 people and had made quite a few sales of the product… and I hadn’t even launched the product yet to my own email list! In fact, I never really did an official launch for it at all. I was planning on it, but word spread so fast through Twitter that I didn’t have to :-)

So, what can you take from this?

1. Create a product and create it in a way that people will want to tell others about it. The marketing process needs to be very viral

2. Post a video on Twitter of you explaining the product. You can mention the name and URL even, if you want. (You could offer an incentive for people to reTweet your tweet to help the process)

3. If the product is good and worthy to be talked about, it will be mentioned again on Twitter by others.

4. If the product is viral, it will move from Twitter to blogs, to forums, and then to people’s email lists

5. Use twitter to catalyze a viral campaign. Do it in a way that’s not spammy. Just be helpful and explain what your product does and how it can help people. Remember, Twitter is a relationship building platform first and foremost. So, go into this with that in mind.

That’s it in a nutshell. It all seems very obvious/simple, but sometimes, it’s the obvious/simple things that can make the biggest difference in your marketing.

Good luck!


  1. Brad Callen says:

    Hey, what I would suggest is NOT programming it yourself. Hire someone that is already extremely skilled to do it for you. The money is not in the programming, but rather the marketing of it. You come up with the idea and then take it somewhere like: and post your project for skilled programmers around the globe to do it for you. You can have things done very quickly and very cheaply. We have our own team of programmers now, but I found them originally about 8 years ago from Vworker.

  2. iheater says:

    Hi Brad,

    Offering freebies which is quality is better than offering without quality. Spoil your reputation.

    Way to go.

  3. Brad Callen says:

    You’re right :-)

    What exactly are you referring to here? (sarcasm or no?)


  4. Interesting! It’s amazing how things go viral! I get the concept and that could definitely work for other people!

  5. Luke H says:

    Hi Brad – thanks for the post. It helps for motivation – will try and put into practice some of your recommendations.



  6. Great post… Another great technique I can use to boost my online business even further.

  7. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for this post!
    Very helpful.


  8. John Webster says:

    Great post, as usual, Brad.

    The thing that amazes me, after reading your articles is the ability to explain
    things clearly and understandable.
    The fact that you never perform like a “guru” put you in my “preferred
    mentors” list šŸ˜‰

  9. Paul Barden says:

    Great post Brad.

    Videos, even short ones, have become such a powerful marketing tool when partnered properly with social networking. As people try to come up with new ways to go viral it’s funny how often the basic approach can be overlooked.

  10. MXN says:

    Hey thanks for this article, i am a big fan of your products…

  11. Hey Brad, I love all the content you post. You truly provide incredible value.

  12. simon says:

    Wow that’s a big list in a short time…thanks for sharing your techniques with us.

  13. Hi brad
    I never realised the potential of twitter for viral marketing. As you have a reputation for quality e-products over hype, i am sure half of the viral effect you experienced is because of the cache your own name carries on the internet.

  14. Barry says:

    Hey Brad,,,big fan here,,any free tools in your arsenal?

  15. Medi says:

    Very nice info for me….
    I’m A newbe,, help me please to grow my free site…

  16. Nice one! It’s really interesting to crawl the worlwide web and to see how many people are posting about How I built a 55,000 person email list in 2 weeks via Twitter & how you can use the same concept to build YOUR list.

  17. Chad says:


    Is established online for years, has multi-million dollar products. Him going viral comes from already being established online. Show us a fresh newbie account and then I’ll believe it. People stop being so naive, if it was that easy everybody would virally put 50,000 names on their list using twitter as well. I’m a real marketer I know how hard it is to build 50,000 names from scratch. Can’t wait for a better post Brad, maybe a newbie case study.

  18. Brad Callen says:

    Chad, with all due respect, the Twitter post I made was to a list of people that didn’t know who I was. I started at the exact same point you or anyone else started with. For something to go viral, it’s the “idea”, not the person behind the idea. If that were the case, every known marketer in the world would create a viral product. Viral-ness has nothing to do with who creates it. I can 110% guarantee if you come up with a truly viral idea, it takes telling ONE person and it will spread IF you have a medium that makes it easy to spread the word… and Twitter is EXACTLY that.

  19. Excellent post Brad,
    this really opened up my eyes
    to the whole viral thing šŸ˜‰


  20. Julius Orias says:

    Hey Brad, thanks for sharing your experience about your product and go viral through twitter. It’s amazing that people talked about already even you did’nt launch yet. Anyways, 55,000 email list in just 2 weeks are incredible :) You bet alot of money you make on that list.


  21. Remy K says:


    How do you actually give away free offer on

    None of those links on that website opens. I mean you try Add Free UrL and
    nothing happens.

    Advice please.


  22. Kaley says:

    Going viral seems to be the one thing I’m not that great at! This was a very smart idea and it obviously worked out well. Twitter can be such a powerful tool to bring in potential leads/sales. Thanks for sharing your strategy. 55k in 2 weeks is quite an achievement!

  23. Iā€™m still learning from you, as Iā€™m improving myself. I certainly love reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the stories coming. I enjoyed it!

  24. Thanks for the info on going viral with Twitter Brad!

  25. mulberry uk says:

    Thanks for the info on going viral with Twitter Brad!

  26. dean says:

    hey Brad,
    where do I get the video making for twitter? Is that twicpic? I can’t find it..
    Do you have any other education materials on the whole twitter thing.. Like what hubspot has?


  27. Thanks a lot for your comments. I love learn from those who have real knowledge.

  28. Hi Brad. I just read your Internet marketing biography and then stumbled upon this
    excellent information about twitter. Needless to say, I have bookmarked your site
    as a one-stop information shop.

    Thanks again.

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