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Best method for building a BIG Twitter following

Posted by Brad Callen

Ok, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading and studying of Twitter the past couple of months and after all of the reading, I’ve come to the conclusion that the single best, “non-spammy” method for building a big, loyal, Twitter following is through the use of Twitter Giveaways, or Twiveaways as I like to call them.

What’s a Twitter Giveaway? Well, essentially, you give something away… whether it’s an eBook, software product etc. OR a physical product like an Ipod… in return for Twitter users

1. reTweeting a message that you ask them to reTweet to their Twitter account

2. Follow you on Twitter

This does a few things…

1. It builds your Twitter follower count when the initial registrant follows you on Twitter

2. It “goes viral” because when the initial registrant retweets your message, you’re now “advertising” on their Twitter profile page, to all of THEIR followers. Their followers then click on the reTweet message and sign up for your contest also… and the process just spirals

This is how many of the people with large Twitter followers are able to build a Twitter

following so large. Many Twitter experts like Deborah Micek, iJustine, and Joel Comm use and/or teach about Twitter Giveaways.

The nice thing about Twiveaways is that you’re FIRST providing value in the form of an eBook or physical product… and THEN you get something in return, in the form of a larger follower count.

Rather than all of those black hat methods of building a Twitter following that we’re all so used to seeing online lately.

Because of the power of Twitter Giveaways, we’ve actually created a tool to automatically run and track Twitter Giveaways, so that there is absolutely no manual tracking necessary on our part, and the site is 100% free.

Here’s the link to the site where you can run your own Twitter Giveaways:

I STRONGLY urge you to use Twiveaways in building your Twitter follower count. I can guarantee that you’ll see growth using them.

Talk soon.


  1. abercrombie says:

    In fact, Twitter has been a platform for developers surprisingly like the platform, look behind some of the applications list. If twitter to increase investment at this point in depth in, pattern will be very different.

  2. I agree in theory. However, in my opinion you must give away something that
    Fills a demand and confirms your knowledge and experience. After you have
    compiled a list and you have a tested following you can build on it.

    I also think that there must be a consistency of communications for you list to
    Realize a return.

  3. Giving something away first is the “carrot at the end of the string”. It lures clients to the actual product because it gives them some level of comfort or some level of trust that the product owner actually invested in something first.

  4. PL Sampson says:

    Thanks for the share however Twitter Giveaways is not accepting new members.

  5. A very good idea because freebies and giveaways always work. It will increase your follower count and maybe it has a chance to go viral. To bad that they are currently not open to new members 😉

  6. Thanks for sharing all this information. Just thinking about setting up a Twitter feed for my business and wondered if it should be used to keep clients updated about services issues, new patches, virus updates etc..

    What do you think?

    My problem with setting up a twitter feed is having enough material to keep it going and for it too be useful.

  7. Hii Brad sir,
    I am using all of your seo tools and getting results.So i am gonna try out this also…lets see how it works for me although my potential customers are not on twitter and i dont like twitter much…:-))

  8. Alex Artemis says:

    If you give something away for free then you can get much more clients and also gain trust with your customers.

    If you provide a good freebie then you might also be considered as an expert which gives you even more sales power.

  9. Kano says:

    Thank for your guide!

  10. Gary Wynder says:

    Hi Brad!
    Thanks for sharing with us about your Twitter Giveaway tool!
    However, as mentioned above, when you try to access it (to
    register, with a view to being able to use it, there’s just a big
    Red Message at bottom of the page which says quite simply

    “Currently Closed to New Members”.

    So, with all that said, can you please now possibly tell us:
    When WILL we be able to access this tool? I sure would very
    much like to know!

    Best Regards from Gary Wynder (Oxford, UK).

  11. nsbcnews says:

    Hey Brad!

    I was looking for a way to make a big list on twitter, and after reading your article I think I have found the idea that I need…thanks for providing this useful information…

  12. Piyush says:

    Hello, Brad:

    Is functioning properly? How can one get an access to the pertinent software and use the same as strongly advocated by you?

    I will appreciate a download of the software, if it is still possible.

    A return positive response will be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks, Piyush

  13. Brad Callen says:

    Hi, sorry, Twiveaway is no longer a website that is available to the public.

  14. Dave Fin says:

    I think this is a great idea Brad. I wonder if it would benefit having some sort of giveaway rights with an affiliate link in there to the free twitter giveaway if you know what I mean..Going to give this some serious thought about how to best utilize this method…



    Like the concept of giving something away to increase your twitter followers.

    Just want to pass this idea by you.

    I am a photographer and I do have limited edition prints valued @ $350 each. I am prepared to give away 50 prints of ONE of my limited edition pieces to 50 individuals who would Rt my message to their followers. Do you think this is a good idea, and secondly, how can I confirm if they (in fact) Retweeted to their followers.

    Appreciate your reply

  16. Hi Brad,

    I’ve been trying to build a friends twitter followers and most I get are just seo people or accounts and not real ones. I hope this new twiveaway technique will work for me. Do you have any suggestions where to get stuff to giveaway?

    Thanks looking forward to more of your posts!


  17. Thanks for such a great info. I’ll join twiveaway.

  18. A very good thought due to the fact free things along with offers always perform. It’s going to improve your follower count number as well as perhaps it provides a opportunity to get viral. Not good that they’re currently not necessarily open to sign ups. :)

  19. It’s to bad this the site is no longer up I was looking forward to using it in my Insane Twitter Challenge

    Hopefully I can still achieve the goal you can always follow how I am doing here

  20. Rian says:

    I used twiveaway in the past and wanted to start using it again, only to see that the site is no long up an drunning. What is the reason for taking it down?

  21. Web developer says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. Think about creating a Twitter to my business and asking if you want to update customers service issues, repairs, new virus updates, and so on.

    What do you think?

    My problem with the establishment of Twitter is enough material to keep it, and be useful.

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