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Major Niche Finder Update!

Posted by Brad Callen

Hey all, as promised, we’ve released a MAJOR Niche Finder update that will allow you to easily find whether or not there are exact match versions of each keyword available to purchase!

IMPORTANT: To download the update, just open up Niche Finder and you’ll be prompted to download the update.

Plus, there are several other new additions to Niche Finder that I think you’re going to love.

Please watch the video below as I go over the new additions, plus share with you some really good strategies for making money via your content/virtual real estate empire. Some really good tips given in the video, so please have a look.


  1. Karen says:

    I cannot see the video.

  2. Evgeniy says:

    Hi Brad

    Niche Finder looks just fine after the upgrade. Thanks Brad:).

    I bought a few programs you have. And I like how they work.

    All the best ..

  3. Brad Callen says:

    Download the latest version of Flash :-)

  4. Ted says:


    Nice update. I love when automation replaces manual. Also, (not a big deal) you are saying “hobby” and the word is “hobie” (hoe-bee) when discussing the keyword in the video.

  5. Todd says:

    This has turned out to be a sensational tool for me. The updates are just icing on the cake. I
    have a feeling that more icing is on the way!!!

    Great tool. Great updates.

    Great job.

  6. Maria Redman says:

    I think that Niche Finder is absolutely brilliant. I have purchased many keyword tools in the past including market samurai, and found the complexity of using them a big disadvantage. Niche finder removes all of the complexity and does the whole job for you fast and reliable. And so many extra features have been added since I got it – my best buy for a very long time.

    One question I have is: what are the local search figures showing? Is local search showing numbers for my location? It would be nice to be able to configure niche finder to show local search figues for different locations.. eg: us / uk / etc.
    Any chance of adding that?

    Thanks again for a truly awesome keyword tool.

  7. Brad Callen says:

    Thanks Maria, they “were” showing from whatever country you’re running NF in. BUT… we’ve added a new feature :-) Click on “preferences” and then select whatever region you want and that’s where the local search counts will come from. Enjoy.

    P.S. Just open NF up and you’ll be prompted to download the latest update.